Looking for your 2020 challenge/ adventure? Here we are! Are you a trail-runner looking for an adventure for the fantastic 2020 that we are approaching? We can offer you just what you need: an all-included 3-day experience in Costa Brava, or 7 days crossing the Pyrenees through a mind-blowing route. Last year we sold out all the registrations available for both races in January: don't be too late and register now for your adventure of the year! 

Stage races are a form of active tourism that allows you to visit a big geographic area, in a totally organized way and also, accompanied by people with the same values ​​and objectives as you; this results in a special connection with the rest of the participants and a unique experience. With this objective, the Pyrenees Stage Run was born in 2016, a race in teams of 2 or 3 people and in a spectacular place such as the Pyrenees. The organization takes care of everything during the race days so that all of the participants only have to worry about running and enjoying the journey, as they transport the luggage between the stages, prepare the food stations and manage the accommodation and diets of the runners.

Do not miss the 5th edition of the PSR which will be held from the 30th August to the 5th September 2020. The 2019 edition with a record 123 participants was the consolidation of a race that is a unique experience for both runners and volunteers, all thanks to the landscapes, the atmosphere and the companionship that is created during the 7 days of adventure: a major challenge, which brings out the best emotions of oneself.

Last saturday finished the 4th edition of the Pyrenees Stage Run 2019, an incredible week where the participants have run 240km across the Pyrenees. The last stage of the PSR2019 has passed between Esterri d'Àneu and Salardú, crossing the "Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici" National Park through the Cabanes Valley, Basiero col, Llac Glaçat col and Saboredo mountain hut, where starts the last downhill to Salardú, following Ruda Valley.

The penultimate stage of the PSR2019, between Tavascan and Esterri d'Àneu, lasted 26.6km through Mascarida lake, Collada de Tres Estanys and Ventolau lake. The winners of the stage have been the team "Deeside Ladies", with Katie Henderson and Samantha Rendall, with a time of 4h44min. In second position, Sarah Dunn and Ros Baxter ("Desside Divas"), with 5h30min. And third team on arrival were Melissa Witteveen and Natura Richardosn ("Kodiak Island Trail Shuffling Guild"), with 6h9min.
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